Benefits And Importance Of Having A Disaster Preparedness Kit

The 4 Person Survival Kit Deluxe represents an advanced disaster preparedness kit which comes pre-equipped with a variety of items. These items are absolutely necessary in an emergency situation and they are designed to keep you alive for 24-72 hours if you get lost or hurt, or find yourself in conditions that endanger your life (lack of shelter, fire or water).

A prerequisite is to always have something in your survival kit – something as small as possible, so as to fit inside the strap. Fortunately, this deluxe disaster preparedness kit features a large range of such aids, from body warmers (which last for 16-20 hours), personal hygiene kits (which include soaps, toothbrush, etc.), and up to 200-calorie food bars (48), water purification tablets (40) and waste bags (2). However, these components should not be used unless you really need them, and they must be also inspected regularly and replaced if necessary (in principle, at the expiry of validity). Note that most elements contained inside the kit feature a 5-year shelf life.

There are many things which can go wrong during a trip to the mountains, a running tour etc. In addition, unforeseen events such as an earthquake or a conflagration can occur at any time, so that’s why it’s always important to have a disaster preparedness kit at hand. But does this kit make a good buy? Well, let’s find out! First, we’ll analyze how this kit can be used and which are the elements comprising it.

1. Context

Before buying any disaster preparedness kit, you should first know how to use it and in which situations can help you. We all know and it has been written and debated thousands of times in the great online kingdom, however it’s worthy to mention once again which one’s priorities should be in case of a survival situation:

– Building a shelter – to protect you from cold weather, wildlife
– Starting a fire
– Finding a water source
– Signaling your position
– Finding a way that leads you back to safety
– Possibly giving first aid – if you are injured or another person nearby you is injured

2. Building a shelter

For building up your own shelter in case of emergency there are few elements which should not miss from your disaster preparedness kit. These elements are vital in a situation where you have no control of the things happening around you.

 2.1 Survival Blanket

First developed by NASA in 1964 for the U.S. space program, the survival blanket is made of a thin plastic film that is coated on one side with a layer of reflective metal (usually gold or silver), which reflects up to 97% of the heat dissipated by nearby objects. You can use it for wrapping up yourself (or someone nearby you), and your body heat will return to you, therefore ensuring your comfort overnight. In addition, you can also place it on the other side of the fire, and so will reflect the heat back to where you sleep. 

A disadvantage of the survival blanket is that it is very thin, and therefore it won’t probably last you for more than one use. Such blanket is not included in this deluxe disaster preparedness kit, but fortunately you can purchase it for a cheap price off Amazon or another retailer. It’s also useful to note that the 4 Person Survival Kit includes 4 mylar sleeping bags, which are used to reinforce the support of blankets and provide you with a warm place for sleep.

2.2 Rope
It has so many possible uses (not just for shelter), that it is useless to enumerate them. In this regard, the type of survival rope most recommended is the paracord (used in parachutes). It has the advantage of heavy support from a very small diameter. For example, type 550 paracord has a tensile strength up to 249 Kg (!) And the weight is 6.61 g / m, so basically 100 meters of the 550 paracord have a weight of only 660 grams.

This deluxe 4 person disaster preparedness kit does include a 50-meter rope piece and 2-person tube tents with rope, all very useful in a survival venture.

2.3 Tools for cutting wood / branches / etc.
Here are several options. Well, in a situation where you really need a survival kit, you should have at one knife at hand. It is easy to use and allows you to cut branches with smaller diameter. In this regard, the 4 person deluxe disaster preparedness kit has you covered: it features a multi-purpose 16-function knife which should come in handy in a variety of situations, plus a can opener for those times when you’re really hungry.

3. Fire source
The first and most important source of fire is, in most people’ opinion, a lighter. A BIC lighter, a smaller one, is something which you should always have in your kit. It’s cheap, you can find it everywhere, and helps you start the fire immediately and stop wasting time. And its price is very low too.

A fire starter can be a great and fashion alternative to standard lighters. You don’t need any skills to use it, and it will easily last you for hundreds of uses. Such item is included in the deluxe disaster preparedness kit and should come in handy in a wide array of situations.

4. Water source
Water is probably the most important thing in a survival situation. It’s arguable whether its more important than shelter or not, but anyway, it’s in the top 3. Regarding water, we have two immediate needs: how to carry it and how to purify it. In this regard, the tools contained by a survival kit can prove really helpful.

For carrying the water, this exclusive disaster preparedness kit features a 2.5L gallon water bag that is very compact and easy to move from one place to another. In the absence of it, one can also resort to condoms for storing water.

On the other hand, water purification can be done through boiling, or by chemical means. We’re talking about purification tablets which can be found in many of the special stores. Fortunately, such tablets are included in this deluxe disaster preparedness kit, and one can benefit from as many as 48 of them (one tablet per use).

5. Signalization
One important thing in a survival situation is signaling your position. This can be done in several ways, with the most common tools in this regard being:

Whistle – a low whistle should always take place in your survival kit, draw attention to your position and allows you to scare animals all at a very tiny cost. This deluxe disaster preparedness kit does include a tiny, quality metal whistle.

Mirror – it allows you to be easily located, by reflecting sunlight. Such mirror is included in this deluxe survival kit, and you can use it whenever the need arises.

Flashlight – has many uses beyond signaling, for example to light up a path or to scare away wild animals chasing you. This deluxe 4 person disaster preparedness kit features a flashlight which functions without the need for batteries – all it requires are some few hand strokes every now and then.

6. First aid
Undoubtedly, in a survival situation the first aid kit becomes a must have. This is vital to ensure the physical integrity of yourself or of those around you, and it’s also needed to treat any events which might arise due to a shock or minor trauma. In this regard, this deluxe 4 person disaster preparedness kit features an integrated, large first aid kit which includes all the essential tools one might need in the case of an emergency.

7. Conclusion
An emergency situation can arise at any time, and in this case it’s important for you to have the right tools to face it. The 4 person deluxe disaster preparedness kit includes all the elements one might need for such event, plus some entertainment tools which will help you forget about the stress involved (e.g. a deck of cards and a hand crank FM radio).

About Disaster Preparedness Kits

Preparing for emergencies or disasters before these ever strike increases your chance of survival in case of actual attacks. It is crucial to be aware of a few emergency preparedness tips and gather or store a complete set of disaster preparedness products in your workplace and home so you can effectively handle unexpected events.

Devastating man-made and natural disasters such as terrorist attacks, bombing, fire, flood, storm and earthquake often cause people to be too concerned about the potential of facing unfortunate events and the impact of these situations to their life; but for people who are always prepared for these situations, these worries can be reduced.

What you Need During a Disaster?

In your attempt to store the most useful disaster or emergency supplies in your home and office, it is crucial to create a list of the things that you really need. Your options for disaster preparedness products include a 72-hour survival kit, first aid kit, food and water packs, and radio and lighting supplies.


Since food is one of the most basic needs of humans, make sure to put this on top of your priority. Make sure that you and your family will have something to eat for 3 days, at most. To make your life easier when in the middle of a disaster, consider storing food products that do not require cooking or refrigeration. Organize them in accordance to their categories in easy to open plastic bags. Among the foods that are ideal for emergency or survival kits are canned meat, trail mix, Jerky, candy, granola bars & crackers.

Water should also be prioritized since you cannot expect to survive without a good supply of it. The amount of water that you should store in your kit should be enough to supply a gallon of water per person for each day. Make sure that you also have a water purifier or iodine pills. This will prevent you and your family from ingesting anything that can harm you.

Other Essential Supplies

Beddings – These items aim to keep you dry or stay warm. Consider investing in water repellant blankets since these will serve as excellent protection against moisture.

Enough Clothing – A wise tip is to have at least 2 shirts (long and short sleeves, socks, undergarments, jacket and pair of trousers.

Light – Lighting supplies are necessary in case the power is out. Your options are flares, lamps, candles, and flashlights. Just make sure to store matches and spare batteries in your kit, as well.

First Aid Kit – The following are just some of the items that you should consider including in the kit: antibiotic ointment, antibacterial wipes, first aid booklet, eye wash, bandages, adhesive hand sanitizer, medications for fever, soda bicarbonate, chap stick, thread and needle, medical tape, safety pins, alcohol, sunscreen, sterile strips, scissors and a thermometer.

By gathering all these items and more, you will surely increase your chances of survival.